Work it out


its out...

finally..the old engine is out..then off for new coat of paint for the engine bay

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eeee kamah nya engine bay..

2jz vs 1G

The three musketeers

These three musketeers are all out with their Truenos. Two of them juz recently finished with their new makeover, one with a widebody(the first one here in Brunei) and the other just having just converted to Trueno. Nice job guys..


visit them here

Selamat berpuasa...

To All Muslims, Happy Fasting & Selamat Menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

Gunakan lah SKII haha

Wajah yg dahulunya berjerawat,sekarang dh di hilangkn mengunakan SKII..hahaha

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sabar..alum pulih sepenuhnya..memakan masa mungkin sebulan,dua bulan atau setahun..isk isk isk

Speeding: No One Thinks Big Of You

Something to think about..
buckle up,dun drive like u own the road while there is others users too..
ingat lah org yg tersayang..

Expect the unexpected

here i am need to replace the unexpected item on my restoration projek..
changing the valve cover gasket. not bad at all..

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as the engine waiting for few refreshment parts & money(....yes does money matter hehe), the car undergo a minor body repair, the front hood, all the fronts lights need a lil adjustment, and refitting of my new bumper..

spotted: brand new GTR35

i saw two of this monster out frm muara white,the other is black being towed. the rim is still wrapped with plastics cover..NICE! began to love every single bits of it...
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wish i can own one..haha NOT!

Tezuka Lagendary 81

This is some crazy drifting from Tezuka Tsuyoshi with his markII jzx81. Some serious shit...enjoy the video and sound of 6 cyl banger..

Pedal ohh pedal..?

been looking for clutch pedal for my cresta is wat i found. hope so and hope its the right fitment as i order it frm US guy. looks the same thing to me...

"This is a good used clutch pedal unit and master cylinder with reservoir out of a 1980 Toyota 4X4 single cab short wheel base pickup.The master cylinder might need replaced since it sat unused for a while.The reservoir needs cleaned.Since this is a unit,it could be used in a spot where you are adding a hydraulic clutch.This truck had a 22R 4cyl carbureted engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. It may be the same in other models, but I don't know which ones.I'm not real familiar with these earlier models, so I don't what other years it will be the same.Please do your research before bidding if yours is a different year model.This vehicle was parted out due to a blown head gasket and no title. I am in the process of parting it out.I will list the other items as I get time."

this is hard than i tot...hehe

Stripped out part2

here's the latest as for today..the engine out gearbox is off..well,manual gearbox will be in,but havent got all the parts for the manual gearbox yet like a flywheel,lining..need to sell off the auto gearbox first,then we'll be bz...hehe budget out..hahaha
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minor oil leaks at the aft of the valve cover..put valve cover gasket in my "to buy list"...

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close up at the aft turbo...ct12's? ct20's? not sure laaa..