got a new set of wheels for the jzx81,
work equip, specs:
18x9+18 all round
225/40 at the fronts and 245/40 rears
doin some temporary camber for the rear to avoid the rear fender, i think i need a smaller rubber maybe 235 or 225 for rears


been lack of update
rarely touch the car during the whole month of ramadhan,
batery need to be recharge and need lots of driving hours,
but thing just got interesting ahead,
just got me a new wheels and to be install soon,

but hey, Happy Aid Mubarak & Selamat hari raya to all muslim
maaf zahir batin.
drive safe during this festive season.

New wheels~

just arrived yesterday..
will post up pics one installed..


got bitten with this bug~
so into Rthirtyone right now..urghh

Blue IS



one of the coolest NSX around back then..
follow this nsx here

Mix up

ninety & hundred..


some ol' pics