nice nice..!

see...wheels makes the car...!
walaupun charade...! rim nya power!
droolsss...klw wiralution ku pakai meister s1..ngancam kali ahh? amcm?haha angan2...

Sri Habryanie car wash..

Need to wash your car or motorcycle?!
If u need a wash, and u are located somewhere along Jalan Jerudong, or u just passing by that area, u are welcome to wash your beloved car or motorcycle and watch it shine!
trust me! worth the money u pay!
Located just at the roadside of Jalan Jerudong, besides Amanah Harith Restorants Kg Jerudong.
Motosikal : $2
Luar sahaja : $3
Luar & dalam : $5
so mcmana??bersih apa lagi..
sila lah datang ke CARWASH SRI HABRYANIE!
kami akan menjemput anda dengan tangan terbuka..

JDMdemons unLEASHed

To all JDM fans out there, since december 2008, this ride hs been pimped in one of the workshop, and now this demons is now unleashed and roaring on the road. Watch out for it.. One of the best JDM rides here in Brunei. Thanx to the owner: JDMdemons, for letting me ( [eX] ) photo-shoot his ride... it's an honor...

jdm 180sx origin aggressive stylo!!

Ready to roll...


but...sadly,the car had to be towed after only running a few kilometers during the heavy rain..suiii..!
will lookout for the faults tomorrow..suspected intercooler piping hose lose..