coil over!

I had a blown rear coilovers, so i decided to mod the rear unit with a used set off from a jzs147(fronts).
redrilled the top mount to be fitted to the x81. also replacing the new suspension bushing as the old one show a sign of cracks. Put in a new bushing meant to be for honda sm4 and had it pressed n rebore to fit the x81 links. boom! i had myself a decent coils. with this unit,i can lower the car few more inches. WIN!

 off for testing. tyres rub much. :)

just right..

the fender,the wheels..perfect!

road, here i come..

Got a new battery, alternator gives a warning, replaced with a spare unit, fix the cluster(will stay there for good), now time to hit the road..
after few months in static display..


need some inspiration and this shud be it.
Tezuka's jzx81 trully inspiring.
need more manhours on the restoration, and more money too.
i've been super busy, super lazy to update, not to mention super broke.


tofu delivery~

local tofu delivery...
pls sms or call..hehe


Ongoing, our rb25det transplanting new used engine(this and this)
old engine had a oil pump failure, so i'm letting go the RB25det parts by parts.
any of u(local) interested with the spares,eg. alternator,power steering pump,flywheel,a/c compressor,coilplugs,sensors,throttlebody,oem turbo,manifold, do let me know.



giving me goosebump...hehe

Queue up pls...


gangster love~




the other function of a nsx...